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At Green Cat Travel, all team members have lived or travelled all year round in Greece and particularly in the Ionian Islands. This makes us experts who understand where you want to go, how to get there and the invaluable experiences you want to live.

With our shared sense of social responsibility, commitment and innovation, we draw on our diverse set of skills to bring you the best possible experience.
Our goal is to understand exactly what you are looking for when you travel, so that we can create the perfect vacation for you.

We are proud to offer you the most memorable travel experiences in the Ionian Islands and Greece.

Ecotourism with the Green Cat Team

For us, ecotourism is the duty to maximize the positive impact and reduce the negative impact of our vacations and tourist activities in Greece.

Since the beginning our goal has been to offer our visitors to destinations in the Ionian Islands original, authentic, comfortable, fun and safe stays in an environmentally friendly tourism environment. With our unique approach to the people, culture and biodiversity of this country, we are committed to showing you the fascinating beauty of rural Greece while respecting its land and its people.

Our intention is to encourage "clean tourism" practices by promoting recycling, reducing the use of environmentally harmful substances such as single-use plastics, encouraging the use of biodegradable organic materials, using public transport or the least polluting as soon as possible, promoting local small and medium sized enterprises and investing in environmental rehabilitation programs.

Our direct collaboration with local entrepreneurs and service providers - avoiding intermediary agencies - allows us to offer you the best possible vacation packages in Greece, customized to your needs, at affordable prices as well as luxury packages without breaking the bank.

In addition, we create our own stays according to your specific and individual needs, whether you are a group or independent.

Green Cat Travel offers you the opportunity to discover the nature and culture of Greece in a comfortable, fun and safe environment. Together we will customize the style and type of vacation that best suits your interests.

We look forward to making your trip truly inspiring!

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